The Post Atomic Horror podcast has taken on a monumental task: to review every official contribution to Star Trek canon, from the original pilot (“The Cage”) to the most current episode of Discovery. As of this writing (mid-2018), we have completed our original mission (covering every series through Enterprise), and we are now officially the most comprehensive Star Trek podcast ever produced. The show releases every week, typically covering two episodes. Often, there are guests. Between seasons, we do “supplemental” episodes to discuss various topics and answer our mail.

Tone-wise, we try to set up camp somewhere between “adoring fanboys” and “relentless hecklers.” We do love Trek, but we’re not afraid to mock it. You’re much more likely to hear a terrible impression of a tertiary character who caught our attention or a lengthy diatribe about shovels and mullets than you are an impassioned discussion about… I don’t know, canon or stardates or whatever. We’re comedians, first and foremost — albeit comedians who love Star Trek.

If you’d like to try a sample episode, we’d recommend this one, covering the TOS episodes “The Doomsday Machine” and “The Apple.” Or this one, covering TNG’s “The Inner Light” and “Time’s Arrow part 1” (recorded live at the Emerald City Comicon — there’s also video.) These installments both cover one episode we loved and another that we weren’t so fond of. They represent pretty much everything our show is about.

Beyond that… start from the beginning, or jump in with current episodes. And even if you’re not all that into Trek, give us a try. The biggest compliment we’ve received from listeners is that we actually made the series sound fun enough for them to start watching.

The show has recorded in front of a live audience in the Seattle area on a number of occasions, including a the aforementioned panel at the Emerald City Comicon in 2013.

Two unofficial Star Trek episode guides — one covering the entirety of TOS and one covering the entirety of TNG — have been published. These guides contain entirely original material not featured on the podcast and are available in both print and electronic forms.

The Hosts

Matt Rowbotham and Ron “AAlgar” Watt have been writing and performing together since 2007. In addition to the Post Atomic Horror podcast, Matt and AAlgar have worked together on the Sarcastic Voyage family of podcasts (first as a chat/interview show; then as a series of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays). 

In 2018, they co-wrote and co-starred in the free comedic point-and-click adventure game The Adventures of Nick and Willikins, based on characters created for Sarcastic Voyage. The game was produced by Pinhead Games, and received positive reviews from Kotaku and PC Gamer, among others.

They performed their sketch comedy live to capacity crowds at the Emerald City Comicon in both 2015 and 2016. 

In 2012, the pair created a short YouTube video poking fun at legendary comics creators Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. Thanks in part to coverage by Comics Alliance, Topless Robot, Newsarama and other prominent “nerd news” sites, the video went viral, racking up over 10,000 hits in under a week.

They also co-produced a series of webcomics from 2007-2009 (one of them with frequent PAH guest Kevin “Flonk” Lynch), which they hope everyone has since forgotten about.

Matt Rowbotham

Matt Rowbotham is a Portland-based comedy writer-performer. He is the co-host of The Post Atomic Horror podcast. He formerly co-hosted, co-wrote and performed on the Sarcastic Voyage podcast and continues to make regular contributions to that show’s more recent incarnations.

On his own, Matt has made appearances on Destroy All Podcasts and Tinseltown with regular PAH guest Brian Lynch. He also produced the Forbidden to Interfere blog regularly for two years, wherein he provided comedic commentary on Marvel’s classic What If? series.

Ron “AAlgar” Watt

Ron “AAlgar” Watt is a Seattle-based comedy writer-performer. He is the co-host of The Post Atomic Horror podcast, as well as the creator/producer of the ongoing comedy podcast Sarcastic Voyage, currently in the form of Sarcastic Voyage Theatre.

On his own, he has produced a series of comedic reviews of the 80s Transformers and GI Joe series, as well as the sporadic interview podcast More Bits and, with Amanda Smith (his wife and regular PAH guest), the We’re Trying podcast.

Regular Guests

Mark “Bob” Boszko

Mark “Bob” Boszko has been collaborating with AAl since they met in high school in the early 90s. He currently hosts The Optical podcast, which revisits the history of VFX, special effects and film technology. He also documents building props, special effects makeup, tiki mugs, and other projects at Vixen Labs. Bob is one of the original Sarcastic Voyage Unpaid Voice Acting Players, and is featured as a regular performer in their productions.

Episodes featuring Bob: 
13 - Devil in the Dark / Errand of Mercy / The Alternative Factor (TOS)
27 - The Ultimate Computer / Bread and Circuses / Assignment: Earth (TOS)
30 - The Paradise Syndrome / And the Children Shall Lead / Is There in Truth No Beauty? (TOS)
43 - Once Upon a Planet / Mudd’s Passion / The Terratin Incident / The Time Trap (TAS)
47 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (TOS)
59 - Angel One / 11001001 / Too Short a Season (TNG)
70 - Measure of a Man / The Dauphin (TNG)
100 - Night Terrors / Identity Crisis (TNG)
116 - I, Borg / The Next Phase (TNG)
119 - Man of the People / Relics (TNG)
139 - Masks / Eye of the Beholder (TNG)
147 - Nemesis (TNG)
153 - The Nagus / Vortex (DS9)
165 - Paradise / Shadowplay (DS9)
175 - Defiant / Fascination (DS9)
185 - The Visitor / Hippocratic Oath (DS9)
208 - Blaze of Glory / Empok Nor (DS9)
217 - Honor Among Thieves / Change of Heart (DS9)
234 - Extreme Measures / The Dogs of War (DS9)
237 - Parallax / Time and Again (VOY)
248 - Tattoo / Cold Fire (VOY)
265 - Unity / Darkling (VOY)
273 - Scientific Method / Year of Hell part 1 (VOY)
289 - Gravity / Bliss (VOY)
302 - Virtuoso / Memorial (VOY)
313 - Flesh and Blood (VOY)
326 - Civilization / Fortunate Son (ENT)
343 - Canamar / The Crossing (ENT)
358 - E Squared / The Council (ENT)
364 - Kir'Shara / Daedalus (ENT)
374 - “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry” (DISCO)

Vishal Bharadwaj

Vishal Bharadwaj is a graphic designer/illustrator. In addition to creating the logo for the Post Atomic Horror podcast, Vishal has also provided the “magazine”-themed cover art for PAH’s supplemental episodes since 2012. He has recently, with Indian film critic Raja Sen, co-produced the successful children’s book The Best Baker in the World.

Episodes featuring Vishal: 
44 - The Ambergris Element / The Slaver Weapon / Eye of the Beholder / The Jihad (TAS)
86 - Sins of the Father / Allegiance (TNG)
126 - Birthright part 2 / Starship Mine (TNG)
141 - Firstborn / Bloodlines (TNG)
197 - Apocalypse Rising / The Ship (DS9)
345 - The Breach / Cogenitor (ENT)

“Irish” Gav Brown

Gav Brown was, with Gav Drury, the co-host of the Drunken Time Travel podcast, which reviewed classic Doctor Who episodes much in the same way that PAH reviews Star Trek. To alleviate confusion, the Gavs decided to refer to themselves as “Irish” and “English” Gav, despite the fact that “Irish” Gav is not, technically speaking, Irish. He has, nevertheless, appeared in a number of PAH episodes focusing on Trek's weird grudge against the Irish.

Episodes featuring “Irish” Gav: 
10 - The Galileo Seven / The Squire of Gothos / Arena (TOS)
22 - Obsession / Wolf in the Fold / The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS)
39 - The Savage Curtain / All Our Yesterdays / Turnabout Intruder (TOS)
45 - The Pirates of Orion / Bem / The Practical Joker / Albatross / How Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth / The Counter-Clock Incident (TAS)
48 - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (TOS)
74 - Samaritan Snare / Up the Long Ladder (TNG)
95 - Reunion / Future Imperfect (TNG)
105 - Redemption part 2 / Darmok (TNG)
124 - Aquiel / Face of the Enemy (TNG)
143 - All Good Things... (TNG)
146 - Insurrection (TNG)
155 - Progress / If Wishes Were Horses (DS9)
170 - Tribunal / The Jem'Hadar (DS9)
180 - Through the Looking Glass / Improbable Cause (DS9)
194 - The Muse / For the Cause (DS9)
199 - The Assignment / Trials / Tribble-ations (DS9)
219 - In the Pale Moonlight / His Way (DS9)
239 - Eye of the Needle / Ex Post Facto (VOY)
256 - Resolutions / Basics part 1 (VOY)
268 - Distant Origins / Displaced (VOY)
281 - Living Witness / Demon (VOY)
287 - Thirty Days / Counterpoint (VOY)
301 - Fair Haven / Blink of an Eye (VOY)
321 - Endgame (VOY)
333 - Fallen Hero / Desert Crossing (ENT)
342 - Cease Fire / Future Tense (ENT)
351 - The Shipment / Twilight (ENT)
370 - Terra Prime / These are the Voyages...(ENT)
Supplemental 9 (Drunken Time Travel crossover 1)
Supplemental 10 (Drunken Time Travel crossover 2)
Supplemental 15 (Drunken Time Travel crossover 3)
Supplemental 19 (Drunken Time Travel crossover 4)
Supplemental 24 (Drunken Time Travel crossover 5)
Supplemental 30 (Drunken Time Travel crossover 6)
Supplemental 32 (Drunken Time Travel crossover 7)
Supplemental 35 (Drunken Time Travel crossover 8)
384 - “The War Without, The War Within” (DISCO)

Terry “T-Dro” Drosdak

T-Dro (known to some as “Terry” for reasons that elude us) is involved in a number of crafting-based enterprises. Her Etsy shop offers, among other things, custom soaps, costume horns and assorted cosplay accessories. She also occasionally wrote for and regularly performed in the comedy soap opera, Contentment Corner.

Episodes featuring T-Dro: 
255 - The Thaw / Tuvix (VOY)
267 - Before and After / Real Life (VOY)
277 - Hunters / Prey (VOY)
288 - Latent Image / Bride of Chaotica! (VOY)
306 - Live Fast and Prosper / Muse (VOY)
315 - Repentance / Prophecy (VOY)
331 - Acquisition / Oasis (VOY)
341 - Dawn / Stigma (ENT)
352 - North Star / Similitude (ENT)
361 - Home / Borderland (END)
378 - “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” (DISCO)

Brian Lynch

In the guise of the Mayor of Christmas, Brian Lynch is the host of the Tinseltown holiday movie podcast. For many years, he maintained a cartoon review blog that began with official Disney releases and then expanded its scope to other animated features. He is one of the original Sarcastic Voyage Unpaid Voice Acting Players, and has also made writing contributions to that show’s efforts.

Episodes featuring Brian: 
42 - More Troubles, More Tribbles / The Survivor / The Infinite Vulcan / The Magicks of Megas-Tu (TAS)
51 - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (TOS)
67 - Elementary Dear Data / The Outrageous Okana (TNG)
87 - Captain's Holiday / Tin Man (TNG)
101 - The Nth Degree / Qpid (TNG)
121 - Rascals / A Fistful of Datas (TNG)
144 - Generations (TNG)
151 - QLess / Dax (DS9)
164 - Armageddon Game / Whispers (DS9)
173 - Second Skin / The Abandoned (DS9)
188 - The Sword of Kahless / Our Man Bashir (DS9)
200 - Let He Who is Without Sin / Things Past (DS9)
216 - Far Beyond the Stars / One Little Ship (DS9)
230 - Badda-Bing Badda-Bang / Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (DS9)
241 - State of Flux / Heroes and Demons (VOY)
246 - Non Sequitur / Twisted (VOY)
262 - The Q and the Grey / Macrocosm (VOY)
278 - Retrospect / The Killing Game part 1 (VOY)
285 - Once Upon a Time / Timeless (VOY)
308 - The Haunting of Deck Twelve / Unimatrix Zero part 1 (VOY)
318 - Q2 / Author, Author (VOY)
334 - Two Days and Two Nights / Shockwave part 1 (ENT)
337 - A Night in Sickbay / Marauders (ENT)
354 - Proving Ground / Stratagem (ENT)
369 - In a Mirror Darkly part 2 / Demons (ENT)
380 - “Despite Yourself” (DISCO)

Other Guests

Adrian Bachnivsky

76 - Peak Performance / Shades of Gray (TNG)

125 - Tapestry / Birthright part 1 (TNG)

Chris Coleman

88 - Hollow Pursuits / The Most Toys

Gregory Dickens

112 - Power Play / Ethics (TNG)

Dave Fields

11 - Tomorrow is Yesterday / Court Martial / Return of the Archons (TOS)

“Brewtown” Andy Fleck

52 - Star Trek (2009) (TOS)

102 - The Drumhead / Half a Life (TNG)

Marissa Fleck

107 - Disaster / The Game (TNG)

Jason Ellis

46 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TOS)

Devlin Grimm

379 - “Into the Forest I Go”(DISCO)

Rob “Beav” Humphreys

103 - The Host / The Mind’s Eye (TNG)

108 - Unification (TNG)

120 - Schisms / True Q (TNG)

131 - Descent part 2 / Liaisons (TNG)

Ben Pooped

251 - Threshold / Meld (VOY)

275 - Concerning Flight / Mortal Coil (VOY)

324 - Unexpected / Mortal Coil (ENT)

Erin Shoemate

49 - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (TOS)

Laura Woodard

97 - Data’s Day / The Wounded (TNG)

Scott Ziolko

303 - Tsunkatse / Collective (VOY)