One-off tales set in the Sarcastic Voyage universe, which can be enjoyed individually or as part of the larger tapestry of SV.
Bury the Lead
Fast-talking reporter Mary Madison chases down a story in the mid-1930s in this comedy/noir adventure. (Remastered, 2017)
Nick Bounty: A Brick Full of Bullets
Private detective Nick Bounty (star of Pinhead Games' popular point-and-click adventures) finds himself mixed up in a deadly game of identity theft! (2013)
Kill the Front Page
Hard-talking reporter Mary Madison is back, pursuing the perpetrators of a sinister hypnosis plot.(Remastered, 2017)
Citizen Crotch
Harold Webster King is dead, and only Mary Madison can uncover his secret crime-fighting past. (2015)
Tales of the Odd
Penny Lawson has been granted super-human powers, but will he give in to the temptation that so many others have in the “city of a thousand supervillains”? (2017)
Blue People
The epic saga of a race of bloodthirsty interstellar conquistadors, and their struggle to learn how to give a care. (2017)