“The canon,” if you will — a hand-picked selection of our best sketches, as well as those sketches most relevant to our ongoing radio plays and serials.
SV Essentials volume 1: 2010-2011
Our earliest sketches, re-recorded and re-edited with better equipment and performed by our full voice cast.
SV Essentials volume 2: 2012
The birth of Mustache Charlie, Frank & Sandra and the cows, as well as the first appearance of Orson Welles, and so much more!
SV Essentials volume 3: 2013
New performers join the cast, including an appearance by Space Ghost Coast to Coast voice actor George Lowe!
SV Essentials volume 4: 2014
Expanding our recurring characters and adding new ones to the mix, including Puberty Cop, the Underwater Realtor and Sheriff Goose.
SV Essentials volume 5: 2015-2016
Our final year of regular sketches, bringing many recurring characters' arcs to a close. Also featuring live material from our Emerald City 2016 show.
Aaron Faucet supercut
Every Aaron Faucet sketch we've ever recorded (as of early 2016), compiled into one giant full-length episode of his show.
Aaron Faucet 2017
Aaron's taken his first night off in 30 years, and stepping in is guest host “Stormy Normy” Wilson.