A comedy-adventure saga spanning the decades, in the style of pulp entertainment from the 30s, 50s and more.
The Radio Adventures of Dottie, season 1
Spinning off from the 1930s-style Radio Adventures of Matt & AAlgar, this series follows the solo adventures of Dottie as she attempts to rescue her friends from the clutches of an evil mad scientist. (2018)
Agent Dottie: Invasion of the Duplitroids
A one-off (non-serial) adventure following everyone's favorite sidekick-turned-main character, Dottie, in a 1960s-style pulp "audio cartoon." (2016)
The Alien Ultimatum comic
A 14-page comic featuring Matt, AAlgar and Dottie in a silver-age-style space adventure, based on the 50s-style second season of The Radio Adventures of Matt and AAlgar! (2015)
The Radio Adventures of Matt & AAlgar, season 2
Matt, AAlgar and Dottie have been rocketed to the far-off future year of 2014 in this 1950s-style pulp serial. (2014-2015)
The Radio Adventures of Matt & AAlgar, season 1
Enjoy the exciting flyboy adventures of Matt, AAlgar and their sidekick Dottie in this 1930s-style pulp serial. (2013)