The fanciful exploits of a wealthy English prat and his long-suffering manservant.
The Adventures of Nick and Willikins: The Game
A completely free point-and-click adventure for Windows and Mac! Control Willikins as he attempts to do the impossible: please Nick. Also, there's a murder. (2018)
Series One
See how it all began! Young Nick is living in squalor and obscurity until the day a mysterious crate arrives — a crate containing his destiny! (Remastered, 2016)
Series Two
The further adventures of everyone's favorite English prat-and-butler duo! Will they make it to “the colonies”? Unlikely! (Remastered, 2017)
Series Three - Nick and Willikins Are Dead
Nick and Willikins finally set out for America, only to be distracted by their deaths and subsequent trial in the afterlife. (Remastered, 2016)
Series Four - Nick of Nick Hall
Nick pursues the continuation of his legacy in earnest, only to inadvertently send Nick Hall back to the Victorian era. (2012-2013)
Series Five - The Omce and Future Nick
The events of “Nick of Nick Hall” have some unforeseen repercussions, which threaten to destroy Nick's very existence. (2014-2015)
Keep Calm and Ooh-Da-Lay
A standalone (non-serialized) Nick and Willikins adventure! Following his father's death, Nick becomes more socially conscious. (2017)
Nick & Willikins specials
Including several Christmas specials, the Royal Wedding special, a live sketch performed at the Emerald City Comic Con and the gender-swapped “Nicki and Wilmakins,” among other odds and ends (2010-2016)