Featured performers

Duncan Boszko

Mark Boszko

Kristy Brannon

Gav Brown

Dave Fields

Danielle K.L. Grégoire

Nathan LaJeunesse

Caitlin Obom

Josef Ravenson

Matt Rowbotham

Nicole Santora

Amanda Smith

Sabrina Snyder

Jason Wallace

Ron “AAlgar” Watt

Written by Ron “AAlgar” Watt & Matt Rowbotham, with Kristy Brannon, Amanda Smith and Jason Wallace

© 2015-2016 AAlgar Productions

Sketches included:

• General Hux

• Taxi Action Figures

• Hall of Presidents

• Sheriff Goose

• Smlown for McBurgerdeys

• Funtimes Video's Animal Farm

• Cows: Kevin Runs for Office

• Charlotte's Web

• Underwater Mary Kay

• Placebonin

• Puberty Cop Meets Sheriff Goose

• Tordovia Tourism Ad

• The Bloodpocalypse

• Traffic Sprite

• Cows - Kevin's Stump Speech

• Silver Age Superman

• Neckbeard the Mansplainer

• History - JFK Assassination

• Surgery

• Orson Meets Spider-Man

• Don't Freak Out (live)

• VR Gaming (live)

• Food Guy's Lament

• Frank & Sandra - Cocktail Party

• The Final Arc Medley

• The Final History Sketch