Cover art by Ron “AAlgar” Watt. Click to see full-sized.


Duncan Boszko - Nokale, Homespun Runner

Mark Boszko - Stormy Normy Wilson, Porn/Sports/Porn Guy 2

Terry Drosdak - Terry, Survey

Nathan LaJeunesse - Chulk, Dense

Brian Lynch - See-N-Say

Kara O'Connor - Priest

Matt Rowbotham - Aaron Faucet, The Bear

Nicole Santora- Mothman

Amanda Smith- Dikkis, Lorraife

Sabrina Snyder- Lisa Winchester, Stony

Jason Wallace - Canopenerman, Castro, McBurgerdey's Announcer, Radio Stromboli

Ron “AAlgar” Watt - Glenn Irons, Cooter, Mikey, Obama, Sunderland, Tupple Junior, Porn/Sports/Porn Guy 1

Written by Matt Rowbotham and Ron “AAlgar” Watt

Directed and produced by Ron “AAlgar” Watt

© 2017 AAlgar Productions


A portion of this script was originally written to be performed (without Matt as Aaron Faucet) at the Emerald City Comicon. We later expanded it to include Aaron and assorted SVFM production elements.

  • One of these days, I really want to do an extended Aaron Faucet bit that uses every voice actor we have access to. This was originally intended to be that, but a number of our regulars weren't available. Some day I'm going to make that happen, though.

  • This is part of the reason I ended up playing so many roles — most of them were out of necessity, or because I was reprising a role we'd established previously. (There are a decent amount of callbacks here, but hopefully nothing that would alienate a potential new listener... more than Aaron Faucet already would, I mean.)

  • The behind-the-scenes stuff at SVFM is modeled after a couple of radio stations I was kind of an obsessive fanboy about in various points in my life. This means that most of our radio references are anywhere from 15 to 30 years old, but I suspect things haven't changed much in that particular industry in the meantime.

  • Cooter and the Bear were fired in an early 2015 SV sketch. I had originally intended for them to have this whole odyssey where they go to satellite radio and then podcasts (eew) before returning in shame to terrestrial radio, but I ended up never writing that. But it still happened off...screen? Speaker? Off-speaker.

  • That's George Lowe — TV's Space Ghost — reading SVFM's station identification. I paid for him to record a bunch of stuff for us back in 2013 and I intend to get my money's worth.

  • The note that Stormy Normy reads at the start of his shift ("read all spelling mistakes as written") has been a regular instruction for all of our performers when recording Aaron Faucet segments.

  • I was pretty pleased with how this run of Winchester Tires commercials came out — I wanted to start with actual copy for a radio commercial and gradually let Winchester Tires just sort of... happen to it.

  • Am I grinding axes with this Warlock-a-Geddon commercial? I suppose it's impossible to know.

  • This dumb Mothman bit made Matt and I (and eventually the performers) laugh a lot more than you'd think for as terrible a joke as it is.

  • Terry Drosdak's "I seen 'im!" is a super-deep cut from the earlier days of Sarcastic Voyage and we felt like it was finally time to play it out as something more than a quick one-liner. A lot of this is from her suggestion, and her performance is also fantastic.

  • That is, indeed, me as Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States. I've played more than 2/3 of US Presidents across our various projects now, and I'm always looking for excuses to check more of those boxes.

  • Nothing in the world is funnier to Matt than someone making a bird noise. Aaron's stifled laughter talking to the Tufted Grackle is genuine.

  • Ending these things is always a challenge, but I think we nailed it this time.

  • As the third season of Contentment Corner jumped forward to the present, we were able to work in a couple of new "Aaron takes some calls" segments into some episodes.