This is it! It's all been building to this! Will Zyzzyx destroy the town? Will the St. Corby women free themselves of the curse that's plagued their family for three generations? Will anyone find love?? All of these answers and more, dear listeners, can be found in this, the final episode of Contentment Corner!
Zyzzyx must do the unthinkable: team up with Ottawa! Will she betray her longtime nemesis? Yes!
Zyzzyx escalates her plot against St. Corby.
Ravina offers her services to Zyzzyx Cosmetics.
Aaron makes an unlikely connection with a listener.
Cleg, Evelette and Zyzzyx unleash the first part of their dastardly plan on an unwitting Case.
Case and Ottawa are reunited.
Not a dream! Not a hoax! Zyzzyx Jones is back!
A great jumping-on point! A day in the life of Gondola VanDerBork.
Contentment Corner welcomes a celebrity visitor.
Sinder learns the surprising origin of the Contentment Corner town council.
Deputy Sinder deals with the aftermath of her encounter with Case Kutchington.
The handsome rogue Case Kutchington returns, seemingly, from the dead!
Tron faces down Saltness and her employer: the Prince of Darkness himself!
Tron and Agent Minofen close in on the serial killer.
Tron seeks help from the one person in Contentment Corner who might be on the same wavelength as he is: Aaron Faucet.
Special Agent Minofen tracks down the serial killer that's terrorizing Contentment Corner, but Tron discovers the killer's identity first.
Cleg Jørgensen, a distant relative of the long-late Zyzzyx Jones, returns to claim his birthright. Meanwhile, Tron talks to some cows.
25 years after their dramatic post-graduation lock-in party, the Contentment Corner High class of 1992 meets for their reunion. But Broyce Champson is not entirely satisfied with how his life turned out.
Kicking off season 3 with a huge jump forward in time to 2017! Meet Tron S8dghenthe, a young man for whom the fourth wall is something that happens to other people. Also, there's a serial killer or something...?
In the season 2 finale, Felicity Brimstone explores the depths of Hell, while Contentment Corner faces another apocalypse.
The amiable sheriff Trace Irons investigates a deadly threat to Contentment Corner.
The private detective Crazy David investigates a deadly threat to Contentment Corner.
Acting Mayor Gart Champson gains an ally and moves forward with his sinister plans for Contentment Corner.
Graduation day arrives for the Contentment Corner class of 1992. But something has gone amiss at their lock-in celebration.
Savandra Kutchington, widow of Case, struggles under the oppressive influence of her son.
Erasure Delacruz seeks a mentor in her burgeoning career as a witch, and is disappointed by what she discovers.
Aspiring journalist Trojan Malloy uncovers Mayor Tyrannus' mysterious secret... with some help.
Vatican reflects on the events that enabled her to succeed as both a high school student and the CEO of a major corporation.
It's 1992 — five years after the events of season one — and Jad Cortland's sister, Pernicia, is returning to Contentment Corner with sinister plans.
The stunning season one finale!
Vatican and Trojan deal with the mounting crises.
With her arch-enemy in a coma and therefore powerless to stop her, Zyzzyx Jones goes on a rampage.
Flace gets his memory back.
Felicity Brimstone realizes her destiny. Lot of that going around.
Librarian Candida Prim realizes her destiny.
Sheriff Steele and Agent Poole investigate the murder of Case Kutchington.
The re-wedding of Case and Ottawa St. Corby proceeds as planned, but Sheriff Steele is on the trail of something that could destroy it all.
The origin of Contentment Corner's lighthouse and its mysterious keeper.
Thelma and Joe resolve their differences.
Ravina visits the mayor. Case discusses an important find with Joe. Thelma continues to investigate Joe's past. Aaron fulfills his destiny.
Ravina scrambles to protect the lighthouse. Thelma continues to dig into Joe's secrets. Aaron makes an important phone call.
Case meets with Zyzzyx Jones. Aaron seeks help from the town. Thelma tries to uncover her fiancee's mysterious secret.
Aaron hires Vatican as his unpaid intern. Case smooths things over with Flace and Ottawa.
It all begins here! Join young deejay Aaron Faucet as he arrives for his new job as program director of the SVFM affiliate in Contentment Corner, North Dakota.