Almost twenty years ago, the Atari 2600 was born. Since then, tens of millions of people have discovered it’s the cheapest, easiest way to your favorite video games without the hassle of going to the arcade.

What could follow the world’s most popular home gaming console? A completely new iTari, redesigned from top to bottom, inside and out—and available in a variety of designer colors.

Now everything you love about Atari is, well, more lovable. It’s the same Atari you've loved since the early 1980s, but (and here's the really clever part) now it's got a new casing! That's right, thanks to incredible advances in aesthetic transparency theory, you can now throw away that old Atari 2600 that's been collecting dust under your bed for the past fifteen years and replace it with the iTari! The iTari combines the same intuitive controls and ground-breaking software you've come to know and love with the latest in "JABBIC" (Judge A Book By Its Cover) technology. Whether you're an older user who's fed up with the complex nature of today's computers and gaming systems or a nostalgic Generation Xer, iTari has something for you! It’s exactly what you’d expect from AAlgar Electronics: outdated technology flashily repackaged.

Moreover, since the iTari comes with the latest in game cartridge software, a blazing 1.19 MHz processor, 128 bytes of RAM and two audio channels and two joystick (or paddle) ports, you're in for minutes of fun and excitement!!

The easiest way to connect to the TV.
iTari combines the excitement of video games with the simplicity of your television. It comes with everything you need to connect to any cable-ready or non-cable-ready TV. Connect your iTari to the power cord and the RF Switch (included), then plug both in and you're ready to go! No complicated signing on, no messy peripheral cables, no instructions required whatsoever! Your iTari will be on and working within five minutes of your opening the box, unless you're a complete idiot. We guarantee it!

An imaginary workout.
You’ll find yourself discovering things you never knew existed, like "vitamins" on the Pac Man board and gorillas that are smart enough to throw barrells! iTari will take you to all sorts of fabulous places— from the depths of the Amazon (Pitfall!) to the farthest reaches of outer space (most of the rest of our catalogue). Best of all, iTari does all this using only a small amount of pixels on your screen, allowing your imagination— a human being's greatest resource— to do most of the work. What other gaming system can claim to actually give your imagination a workout?

iTari's internal 6507 CPU predates even the designers of today's so-called "cutting edge" systems. There's no tedious waiting around for levels to load or switching CDs in mid-game, either— each iTari game comes on a single, self-contained cartridge, which instantly brings the game to your television screen with no wait! Imagine— all those seconds of your life wasted on games with lots of fancy "graphics" and "sounds", finally given back to you! We're not exactly saying that playing the iTari will make you younger, but we're saying the closest thing to that statement that won't get us sued for false advertising.

The iTari Store will one day serve your iTari ordering needs. For now, we suggest that you bask in the true slacker nature of Generation X and procrastinate your purchase.
iTari makes it easy, with a built-in AC adapter (producing a whopping nine volts of pure electric energy for all your electrically-powered video gaming needs) that plugs in to any standard electrical outlet easily. (United States only. Special convertor device may be required in Europe.)
iTari's joystick is exactly like the original... only prettier!
What makes it so easy.
In addition to the design enhancements, the new iTari retains the simplicity of its predecessor for maximum ease of use. Learn one iTari "software application" and you’ve got a pretty good handle on them all. Because iTari has the simplest interface around— one joystick (or paddle), two buttons. That's it! Whatever you hope to accomplish with your home gaming system— from arcade-type games to any other variety of game— you’ll accomplish it sooner on your new iTari.

And if you’re the kind of iTari user who likes to tinker with your games and to personalize everything possible, you’ll be pleased to hear that you now have the option to restart your system back to its pristine state. In other words, you can just press the button marked "reset" and return your iTari to its original settings— just like when it left the factory—anytime you want. 

Fully retrocompatible.
You'll be kicking yourself for selling off all those original Atari games at your last garage sale. In addition to the dozens of new games we plan to release, the iTari is also fully compatible with all the games you remember from almost 20 years ago. From our own unique spin on Pac Man to the incomprehensible classic Circus Atari (rereleased under the new title, Circus iTari), you'll have a blast without having to buy all-new games!

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